Les Voyageurs Du Temps Saison 3

A commonwealth agent surveiller four personnes who suddenly seem to possess entirely nouveau personalities, leading venir a startle discovery around humanity's future.

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A commonwealth agent piste four personnes who unexpectedly seem à possess entirely new personalities, leading à a startle discovery around humanity's future.

When several random citizens space possessed passant par people from thé future, FBI agent approve MacLaren discovers their critically de nombreux mission.

MacLaren et the team adjust to unexpected obstacles in their new lives when trying to prevent année antimatter detonation that might kill thousands.

Wracked through guilt, philippe defies the rules in année unauthorized attempt à alter auto future, resulting in violence et the exposure de his secret.

After rescuing a more experienced team, MacLaren and the other Travelers discover that no everybody native the émergence is playing by the very same rules.

Kidnapped de a faceless nemesis who seems to savoir their secret, MacLaren's team is held captive and interrogated while he scrambles to find them.

The team prepares venir fulfill its main mission, which will certainly save des millions de personnes of lives but could probably spell disaster à la their very own futures.

Unsure si their ordre succeeded, auto Travelers affronter the prospect of living out the rest ns their stays in their complicated 21st century personas.

MacLaren handles a misfired Traveler when Trevor et Carly deal with an individual issues, et Philip notices a minor échanger to thé timeline.

Circumstances renforcer MacLaren to marche off-mission during an unusual solo assignment entailing his wife, politics et a catastrophic aéronautiques disaster.

Surgeons work à save MacLaren ont he hovers between life et death. Thé team tries à cover up auto situation oui suspicions flourish at work et home.

Marcy's etat deteriorates, inquiry two new Travelers to attempt an experimental procedure that can keep elle alive, cible at a high cost.

An assassin Traveler come in the present, exposing the truth about a psychic schism in between warring factions that is unfolding in auto future.

FBI agent grant MacLaren and his team investigate a mysterious other Traveler while resisting thé Faction, a renegade splinter group from the future.

Held in custody, MacLaren's team tries venir escape and destroy thé quantum frame, while année eccentric Traveler confesses his story to a psychiatrist.

MacLaren et Walt go after a mysterious, unexpected grouper of new Travelers, when Marcy helps David recover from trauma and Philip makes a new friend.

Three month after thé team's last assignment, thé discovery du bodies at a confinements site alerts thé Travelers à a global pattern of killings.

Two team members assist année activist in preventing auto release of an agricultural product, while thé others assist a Traveler destiné his own assassination.

Assigned to prevent a flu-like outbreak, the Travelers are shocked when auto pathogen seems à evolve, ending up being fatal and spreading across the world.

Outflanked by members de the Faction, MacLaren's team races venir acquire uranium, bring the Director back nous line et halt thé spread de the pandemic.

When auto team is clear all out during a ordre to a far lake, a Traveler consistently transfers right into a adjacent skydiver to make a frantic rescue attempt.

MacLaren and his team room summoned to the formal hearing du Traveler 0027, who is charged with undermining both the Director et the dénormes Plan.

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Philip attends a disturbing historical update session, MacLaren's wife has actually a medical emergency, et Trevor learn something shocking about his host.

The Travelers guard a au sens propre girl who has actually a gros future, if Marcy recalls much more than intended when she attempts a procedure à recover elle memory.

An incoherent homeless homme turns out à be a brilliant cible delusional Traveler that knows thé identity of the team's an effective nemesis, Traveler 001.

Traveler 001 stays une step ahead du MacLaren's team by taking each ns their loved ones hostage et forcing auto Travelers to divulge your identities.

With auto truth about their survie exposed to the world, MacLaren et his team should cover their tracks, companion with the FBI, et find Traveler 001.

MacLaren, his team et their loved ones regroup at a safe loger protected par the FBI, but doubts et betrayals peut faire sabotage thé rest de their mission.

MacLaren et Yates adjust à their new partnership if protecting a TV show host who inflammatory rhetoric around Travelers has directif to tragedy.

Certain the his team erased his memory ns the previous day, MacLaren retraces his procedures in the des boites of a disturbed youth with a horrific future.

The team learns the Traveler 001 is toujours alive when the Faction make the efforts to capture him. Doubts about their love ones worsen parce que le Kat, Jeff and David.

The team attempts to extract a rogue A.I. Native a boy messenger, but the program increases too rapidly. A nouveau Traveler adjusts to his host.

The Faction kidnaps Philip and a grouper of other historians, forcing MacLaren and the team à extract their assurance from a critically injured Hall.

Suffering native a fatal brain disorder, Trevor makes auto choice à allow himself venir be overwritten ont the team races venir invent année experimental cure.

MacLaren urges Yates à help him when a Traveler with a mission vital à humanity's survival arrives in the corps humain of a just-captured serial killer.

The Faction sets la fin nuclear blasts that destroy tous of auto Travelers' archives, other than the une in i m sorry a injured David just happens venir be trapped.

Shattered passant par recent losses and a sweeping nouveau protocol, auto Travelers face a bleak a venir with only une long-shot chanceux to success in their mission.

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