Levure Sèche C Est Quoi

We have a cacao cake (brownie) bestbocadoctor.com recipes from France et calls pour a packet de levure. We have been placing in yeast but not sure if it is wrong or right. Yeast, baking powder, other?


We metropolitan français distinguish "levure chimique" et "levure organique" (also called "levure de boulanger"). The sapin one is baking flour (the carbonated molecule), auto latter is yeast (the fungi).

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If there is seulement un "levure" written, ce generally means "levure chimique" (baking powder), oui it is an ext readily available, rises faster, et doesn"t need à be very closely kept alive.


According venir this site et a google d’image search une packet of "Levure chimique" is 10-11g (or roughly 2 teaspoons) de baking powder.

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Google analyze confirms Didgeridrew"s prize (not that ce was necessary) ;)


Some ns the envelopes say 10g, part say 11g. Almost all say ce contains auto right amount to ajouter to 500g flour. Je weighed 2 tsp ns baking powder: 10.67g



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