Liberer espace disque c windows 10

If your pc is running low on cost-free space, amie might no be able à install significativement Windows updates, and your PC’s performance peut être be affected. Below are some ways à free increase space haricot de soja you can keep your calculatrice up venir date et running smoothly. These suggestions are provided in order, so start with the tons one, see si that helps, and then continue to the next one si it doesn"t.

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To check auto total disk space left on your home windows 11 device, select File explorer from the taskbar, et then choose This PC nous the left. The available space on your périple will show up under Devices and drives.

Note: If amie follow thé steps below and continuez to oui trouble to update Windows because of court disk space, resetting jaune reinstalling Windows might help. For more info, see Reinstall Windows.

If you"re getting a low Disk space error because de a complete Temp folder

If tu used disc Cleanup à free up space conditions météorologiques your device et then watch a low Disk space error, it’s faisabilité that your Temp folder is quickly filling up with app (.appx) contour that space used par Store. Parce que le more info, see low Disk room error en raison de to a complete Temp folder.

Free up room with storage Sense

Storage Sense can automatically complimentary up conduire space à la you par getting rid du items that elle don"t need, favor temporary files and items in her Recycle Bin. For more info, view Manage conduire space through Storage Sense.

Free up an are with decaying Cleanup

If your system doesn"t have storage sense, you can use the Disk Cleanup tool à delete temporary files et system courant from your device.

In the search box on thé taskbar, joli disk cleanup, climate select it from thé results.

Select the check boîte next to the type of courant you want to delete. (To view a la description of each type of file, select the name.) par default, Downloaded routine Files, Temporary internet Files, et Thumbnails are selected. Be sure to clear those examine boxes si you don"t want to delete those files.

To free up even more space, select Clean up system files, et then pick the type of system lignes you want venir delete. Decaying Cleanup will take a few moment to calculate the amount de space that have the right to be freed up.

Note: If it’s to be fewer than 10 work since amie upgraded à Windows 10, her previous édition of Windows will certainly be listed as a system ligne you have the right to delete. Si you need to free up périple space, amie can delete it, marqué keep in mental that you"ll be deleting your Windows.old folder, i m sorry contains contour that give amie the loption to aller back venir your previous version of Windows. Si you delete her previous édition of Windows, this can"t be undone. (You won"t it is in able to go back venir your previous dépense of Windows.)

After you’ve selected thé types of contour you want venir delete, choose OK, et then pick Delete files in the confirmer window venir start the cleanup.


There"s also an option in disk Cleanup à Compress her OS drive. Selecting this option compresses the drive on which home windows is installed, help you avoir extra space venir install considérable updates. This terrain does not delete thé contents ns this drive, et you shouldn"t experience difficulties opening and saving contour from auto compressed drive. 

After tu install thé update, elle can manually decompress auto OS drive at any kind of time. To do this, choose File Explorer  from thé taskbar, et in thé left pane, select This PC. Right-click jaune tap and hold the OS conduire (usually decaying C), et then choose Properties nous the faster way menu. Clear thé Compress this drive to save disk space check box, et then select Apply OK

Free increase space à install thé latest windows 11 update

Windows 11 may indicate that ce needs much more space to importer the latest home windows 11 feature update. Amie can use an external warehouse device venir help you complete the update.

To find out more, see totally free up space pour Windows updates. 

Note: You peut faire need à use a micro-USB adapter if your device doesn"t oui a défaut USB port. 

Delete personal files or move them to an external warehouse device

Personal files such oui videos, music, photos, and documents can take it up a lot of space nous your device. To see which files are using auto most space:

Select file Explorer  from the taskbar et find the contour you want to move.

Under This PC in the menu on the left, choose a folder à see what files are saved in it. The Videos, Music, Pictures, et Downloads folders commonly contain the largest courant that you’ve saved venir your device.

To see thé size de the courant in a folder, select View > Details. Right-click in thé open space and then select Sort by > Size to seul the largest lignes at the top de the list.

If there are files you no longer need nous your device, amie can one of two people delete them or move castle to an external storage device like a USB conduire or an SD card.

Note: If tu delete any kind of files, remember venir empty auto Recycle Bin to completely eliminate them from your device et free up space.

To move photos, music, videos, jaune other contour that you want to keep but don"t use very often, think about saving them to an external storage device like a USB conduire or an SD card. You"ll toujours be able à use them once the drive is connected, cible they won"t take up space conditions météorologiques your PC.

Connect année external storage device like a USB conduire or SD card to your PC.

Select ligne Explorer  from the taskbar et go to the folder that includes the contour you want to move.

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Select auto files, then select Cut nous the ribbon. Navigate to the location de the external storage device elle connected, then select Paste.

Save nouveau personal files to un autre drive

Saving new lignes to another drive will help prevent court space problems on that conduire in the future, sauce soja you won’t ont to move your contour to another drive repeatedly. Instead du saving tous your new courant to the default drive, elle can conserve some du them to a different drive that has actually more free space.

For each content type, pick a périple from thé drop-down menu. Si the conduire you want venir use isn"t listed there, make sure it"s connecté to your PC.

Turn on OneDrive courant On-Demand 

tu can save space by turning conditions météorologiques OneDrive lignes On-Demand, which stores a smaller sized placeholder file on your hard périple instead du the full-size la gestion that"s save on computer in her OneDrive account in the cloud. You"ll it is in able to comprendre to her OneDrive courant from your pc without having to use up hard-drive an are downloading full-size versions of them all. See Learn around OneDrive files On-Demand à la more info.

Run antivirus software

Sometimes a virus or différent malware can consume significant hard-drive space de corrupting your system files. Si you devine your pc is infected through malware, use année antivirus program prefer Windows Defender venir run a germe scan et cleanup. Si this doesn"t fix the problem, tu might require to reset your PC.

Get additional help

If you’ve complied with the instructions here but encore need help releasing up space nous your device, tu can la communication appui to couteau with a soutien agent. This is additionally recommended si your attempts venir free up drive space trigger particular error code that you need assist resolving.

The following questions concern court disk space and Windows upgrade specifically. Learn more about home windows Update.

How will je know if i don’t have enough complimentary disk space à install updates?

When there isn’t enough complimentary space available venir install année update, a pop-up annonce will prompt amie that additional an are is required to install the update. 

When you select settle issues, you"ll be educated about how much additional space is needed. You"ll also be notified that you can use année external warehouse device so that amie don’t need à free up quite oui much space nous your system drive. Learn comment to free up space venir install home windows updates. 


The total free disk space your an equipment requires venir complete année update varies. Typically, attribute updates call for 6 GB–11 GB jaune more de free space, while quality updates call for 2 GB–3 GB or more. Learn about auto difference between a feature update et a quality update. 

Why go Windows call for additional space during auto update process?

You need disk space to download auto update, download new versions ns any optional features and languages the are currently installed, et to apply the update. Additional an are is temporarily required to appui removal du the update (typically à la 10 days). This room can it is in reclaimed after auto update is completed. To aller this, choose Start > Settings > System > Storage > Cleanup recommendations.Open storage settings 

The update is compressed to reduce download size.

Note: For tools with scheduled storage, année update will sapin use auto reserved storage space avant using est différent disk space. à la more info, see how reserved storage atelier in Windows.

Why does thé amount du space required à update windows vary soja much?

The space required venir complete a function update depends on two factors: i m sorry update course is followed and the size ns optional content and other updates that apply venir your pc when thé feature update is installed.

Note: For tools with reserved storage, an update will first use auto reserved warehouse space avant using est différent disk space. Parce que le more info, see comment reserved storage atelier in Windows.

Windows complies with three different feature update paths, depending conditions météorologiques the amount of disk space currently available.

1. Pour PCs with plenty of free decaying space

Windows automatically tries to finish more ns the update process in auto background while amie use your PC. This significantly reduces thé time your calculatrice will be offline (or unusable) during auto update, although cette might temporarily use more disk space à complete auto update. Learn much more about our dattaquer to mitigate offline time during to update (English only at this time).

2. Parce que le PCs v limited free space but still enough venir complete thé update automatically

Windows will instantly optimize for reducing thé amount du free disk room required to install auto update. This will an outcome in a plus long offline download time.

3. Pour PCs the don"t have enough space venir automatically install the update

Windows will prompt you à free up disk space jaune use exterior storage venir temporarily extend thé storage nous your PC. Si you use année external warehouse device, windows won’t need as much free space on the system drive ont it temporarily uses your outside storage.

Across each de these update paths, auto total amount ns free disk space required will vary, depending conditions météorologiques the optional content installed and other updates the apply venir your PC. à la example:

Driver updates. OEMs and other hardware partners periodically publish nouveau graphics, networking, audio, et other motorists in conjunction with the new OS update. The size ns these motorists can differ significantly, depending on your PC and on i beg your pardon drivers ont been updated.

OS quality updates. During a feature update, windows tries à download and automatically install thé latest quality update so that your pc is completely up to cétait une date when amie start using it. Quickly after the feature upgrade is released, thé quality update for that attribute update might be ont small oui a few hundred MB, but oui more quality and security transforms are implemented, auto quality update can increase in size to 1 GB jaune more. Si your calculatrice is short on disk space, amie can download et install thé quality update after auto feature update is complete.

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Finally, Windows update will temporary disable hiberfile.sys, pagefile.sys, and other system courant in order à use the space these files typically consume venir apply thé feature update. Any courant that space disabled à apply thé update will certainly be automatically re-enabled when the update is complete. Because these courant vary in size depending on how you usage your PC and the lot of agneau your calculatrice has, also in boîte where two different PCs ont the exactement same OS image, the amount de free disk room required to complete an update may vary.

The combination du update path and features method there’s a wide range du free disk an are required to complete an update. Right here are a couple of examples à la PCs updating à Windows 10 édition 1803: