Lieu De Tournage La Petite Maison Dans La Prairie

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We had thé pleasure of interviewing Eric Caron, a talented maquette maker who is additionally a ventilateur of Little loger on the Prairie.


Q: Eric, we le respect your high-quality models and your passion à la Little house on the Prairie. As soon as did amie become a fan of Little house on thé Prairie et how long oui you to be making these models?

I ended up being a ventilateur of Little house on auto Prairie when i watched the TV show parce que le the sapin time, during the holiday season break of 1976 (that’s when “Little loger on thé Prairie” aired for the first time in France). Je was currently enthralled with every little thing related to thé “Old West”, especially histoire about pioneers and wagon trains. That’s why i was attracted to the show at first, since at the time, aura Ingalls Wilder was completely unknown in France. None ns her livre had been published yet. Lock were, some years later, once the seul became a hit.


Some ns Eric’s life models.

As i often walk when ns was captivated passant par something, ns spent a parcelle of mien free time making drawings ns the characters and settings from thé show. Quite soon after je had to be exposed to “Little house on the Prairie”, je had auto idea de building a small replica de the Ingalls house, through pieces of very thin wood, glued on cardboard. Ce was quite straightforward at first, but I was happy with it et I built auto barn too. Soon je had constructed several of the Walnut Grove buildings, et my parent allowed me to use a small room in thé basement, to build two big dioramas, one du Plum Creek, et one ns Walnut Grove. This to be at auto end de the 70’s, so i can say the I oui been make those models parce que le about 35 year (though on et off for some periods de time)

Q: i beg your pardon is auto most recent modèle you created? à faire you ont a favorite model or one that you are most proud of?


A gros scale modèle of the Oleson’s Mercantile.

The most recent one is the small model of auto Edwards loger I made pour Radames Pera (who played john Sanderson Edwards in seasons 2 et 3). Je gave cette to him critical August, when ns met that in Toulon, France, for the first “Little loger on the Prairie” reunion outside ns the united States. Cible very soon before, critical spring, ns built 4 models specifically for the laura Ingalls Wilder musée in Walnut Grove, which were thé Ingalls house and barn, thé Oleson’s Mercantile, et the church. These models space still on display at the museum.

I love each of ma models pour different reasons, et it is difficult to pick a favorite. When i look at ma older models, ns see details that ns don’t like et certainly i would à faire differently now… but I oui a special love parce que le the Oleson’s Mercantile ns built year ago, at home in France, with auto interiors done ont well.

Q: How aller you importer the dimensions for this structures et make lock look haricot de soja realistic? faire you work generally off de the television show?


Building a tiny Oleson’s mercantile – Eric parce que nous stays busy in his totally free time!

Yes, thé television show provides me most du the references, especially because I have the DVDs et can conveniently freeze auto images! When i started my sapin models, there was not even VCR, so i had to catch glimpses ns details while i was watching an episode conditions météorologiques TV! ce was no easy to be an extremely accurate with the details. Later ns even took pictures du the tv screen with ma camera, cible the quality of the des photos was not really satisfactory!

As there are non plans ns the actual sets available, i study closely each episode to collect ont much information as I can about each structurellement I want venir build. I also ont a gros collection of pictures taken conditions météorologiques the set and some are an extremely useful, though nous don’t frequently see a lot of thé settings. I un m an avid collector of any document about thé filming.


Eric Carson visiting super Sky Movie Ranch where the TV séries was filmed.

I un m equally interested in the environment ns the buildings, et I like venir get oui much information ont I can around the place where the séries was filmed, at big Sky Ranch in Simi Valley. I really had actually a blast when je was able venir visit auto ranch part years ago et see with ma own eyes the hills, roads et trees that nous see in auto show. Je would really love to construct a complete diorama ns the totality town, but of course a project prefer this would require much space… et time!

Q: We’d amour to hear much more about the process du making thé models. Je vous demande pardon materials aller you use? how much temps does it take?

The larger models (like the Ingalls house et the Oleson’s Mercantile that i made when ns was living in France) are made of maigrir strips ns wood glued to cardboard. De course, this gives more “richness” to auto model, because ce is not seulement un a “trompe l’oeil” effect. Cette is an ext realistic. Ns would really amour to construct more of my en vigueur models this way, si there is non need to mèche to finish a piece.


A taille scale model of thé Ingalls family house.

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My goal with my smaller models was à offer them to thé cast members, or to people who actually worked nous the show, whenever ns got the joie to meet them. Because ns that, je often had actually a deadline to finish the job on time, et so je had à find a technique that could be faster, cible would allow a very realistic look at to the building.

So, à la each one of my small models, je make plans of each structure, et then ns paint every aller of it on mien computer, à imitate thé materials (wood, shingles, windows, etc…). Ns paint each part ont a “trompe l’oeil”, venir give the illusion of relief. Then i print all the pieces on thick paper, and I cut and assemble the structure. Ns also usage plastic et wood parce que le some particular details. I chapitre to usage this techniquement because cette is much faster when you don’t have the luxury of taking tous the temps you want à make a model.

Also, if je want à display the pièce in a glass dome or small plastic case, auto finished modèle has à be very small (smaller than auto usual HO scale used for train models) and building “real” details (like windows) would certainly be very long and complicated for each project.

At thé end, I add a peu of scenery around the de construction (a parcelle of equipment are obtainable in model-making stores).

Building a small maquette like thé Ingalls house takes about deux days… auto Mercantile bring away more temps to build, about une week. The is, if je can work conditions météorologiques those models “full-time”. Bigger models can take numerous weeks venir finish (if castle can ever be thought about “finished” !)

Q: je vous demande pardon was the sapin in-person Little house on thé Prairie event amie attended? Did you take a model with you to this event?

The very tons event je attended was the reunion arranged at thé Tombstone Western dur (Arizona) in July du 2005. It was big, et I had actually the chance to satisfy a de nombreux of the cast at once!

Yes indeed, je took two models through me: one ns the au sens propre house, that je gave à Melissa Gilbert, et one de the school, that i gave à Charlotte Stewart. Those two were thé very first models je made inside glass domes.

Q: We sait you ont traveled to Little loger on auto Prairie occasions throughout the United States and the world. Where ont you been and which cast members ont you spent time with?

I attended reunions within thé United states in Arizona, Nebraska, South-Dakota, et New-York, et last summer in France à la the tons reunion ever before organized there. Outside ns official reunions, ns met Melissa Sue Anderson in Montreal while she was living there with sa family. Je had the chanceux to satisfy Richard Bull une year avant he passed away in his patrie in California. I am lucky to have had the opportunity venir spend rather some temps with Alison Arngrim, Hersha Parady and Rachel Greenbush when I être visiting los Angeles. Je also became good friends with Katherine MacGregor, et I pay elle a visit each time ns travel venir California. Last summer, auto reunion in France, which je helped à organize a little, gave moi the opportunity to spend a beaucoup of temps with Karen Grassle, Charlotte Stewart, Alison Arngrim and Radames Pera.

Q: à faire you oui a favorite episode from auto show?

That’s a hard question! over there are haricot de soja many that ns love. Je would say that my favori ones space from auto four first seasons though (but of course there are numerous episodes je love in the following periods too). I like the ones that stick much more to thé “real” story, so if i can quote two, ns would speak “Country Girls” et “I’ll be Waving ont You drive Away”.

Q: What do you à faire when she not building your models?

I always oui new ideas parce que le new models (buildings i haven’t worked on yet, interior scenes, bigger dioramas, etc.) et I can easily spend most of my time seulement doing that! cible I likewise enjoy working conditions météorologiques other an individual projects, walks external with ours dog Roxie, the town hall movies and TV series, reading, visite museums, traveling when je can, jogging, et good fois with friends!

Eric caron was frontière in france in 1964 et grew up near Paris. After général studies, he received his diploma in art and worked in advertising, tv animation, and video games parce que le several years. After agree a travail offer at lâge 35, cette moved venir Montréal, Canada where he lives à this day v his spouse, Luc. Currently Eric is working ont a free-lance illustrator and storyboard artist, mostly for advertising agencies. Venir see pictures de his models, visit his website and Facebook page. Venir see his professional portfolio, visit his experienced website.

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