Lire Un Dvd Blue Ray Sur Pc

Looking for the meilleur Blu-ray player software in 2018? the increasing popularity du Blu-ray amongst movie enthusiasts gradually drives thé entire Blu-ray ecosystem into its maturity, et today play Blu-ray movies nous portable maker or conditions météorologiques a windows 10 calculatrice doesn’t oui to be difficult. Marqué if you want true Blu-Ray movies or 4k uhd/1080 HD vidéos quality nous your pc, you’ll require a Blu-ray media player that’s increase to thé task. Below is thé 2018 Supérieur 5 le meilleur Blu-Ray joueur Software parce que le playing Blu-rays nous Windows 10 PC.

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There Blu-ray player software offers a way venir watch Blu-ray movies par your computer system instead du a joueur including thé newly home windows 10.

Supérieur 1: UFUSoft Blu-ray player

UFUSoft Blu-ray player is together a good Windows 10 Blu-ray joueur which can play Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO file, et Blu-ray (BDMV) folders on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP pc with lossless quality. Et this regime is not restricted par the Blu-ray decryption. That means elle can phat any la publicité or protected Blu-ray discs on your computer. Ce is fitted with constructed in advanced decoding ability such oui Dolby, AAC, DTS, DTS-HD et TrueHD etc. So ce can boost your viewing experience over toutes les personnes file format with ease.

Additionally, it can also play the typical videos and 4K UHD jaune 1080p HD videos including HEVC/H,265, XAVC, XAVC S, 4K MOV, 4K AVI, 4K MP4, 4K MKV, MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV et AVI. During the Blu-ray playback, you are free to select subtitles, laudio tracks et titles.

UFUSoft Blu-ray joueur software for Windows 10 makes it easy à watch your favori flicks conveniently nous your laptop or patrie theater, elevating your movie night. Haricot de soja pick up your favori one and start watching her Blu-ray movies.

Supérieur 2: PowerDVD 16

With end 100 million copie shipping annually, over there is ne sont pas doubt the PowerDVD is auto world’s top Blu-ray, 3D & HD media player. PowerDVD fully médias Blu-ray discs, upscale défaut definition content, plays seulement about any kind of other joli of cassettes vidéo include YouTube and Facebook, et even supports audio playback and photo slideshows.

In the new PowerDVD 16, intensified audio-visual quality, extended file format support, improved functionality, refinements to the user interface, et du plus, enhance a wide variety of digital media experiences.

Supérieur 3: TotalMedia theatre 6

TotalMedia théâtre 6 all bring amie full Blu-ray support, soutien 3D Blu-ray, et supports upscaling other étendard definition video, both locally on your system et DVDs elle put right into your system. You can also convert 2D movies à 3D v this software. Arme à feu Media likewise supports diffusion video native YouTube and other linternet sources, the ability to échanger your system’s region code to jeu the épais you want à play, and serves as année all-in-one media management tool et player à la almost any video et audio type et format. Marqué This Blu-ray player software does not function karaoke capabilities, et you can not customize her user interface.

Supérieur 4: DVDFab Media joueur

DVDFab Media player is a home windows based media joueur software that deserve to not seul plays Blu-ray & DVD discs through Blu-ray terre Menu, but also theatre Blu-ray & DVD folders, ISO d’image files and along with nearly any media file format you ont on your computer.

Supérieur 5. WinDVD se mettre daccord 11

It’s autre multifunctional blu rayon video joueur software pour Windows PC. With such a tremendous acceptance parce que le the 4K videos, the software médias HD, 3D, DVD and others typical video et audio formats. Tu can enjoy best quality video et audio along with many amazing features. Ce has a originalité feature that consists of a premium virtual movie search engine the helps elle find the favori movie. It’s obtainable at an attractive price ns $80.Hope ce useful pour you.

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Microsoft seul announced the newest version of Windows. It’s dubbed Windows 10. Yes, there’s no Windows 9 — Microsoft has actually decided to skip a digit in search ns the perfect name. Plus important encore, fenêtres 10 will be a single operating system that finally spans toutes les personnes of Microsoft’s home windows powered devices, from desktops and laptops all the way through à tablets et phones. Les fenêtres 10 will be our most an extensive platform ever, says Windows boss terry Myerson. Oz the windows 10 released, numerous users will volonté this update OS. Marqué what si you desire to play Blu-ray discs in windows 10 since ce still can not jouer Blu-ray directly? Yeah, with the pulling de suppot à la the software program in windows 10, ce become more difficult to jouer Blu-ray discs on your computer. Sauce soja what are we going to faire about it? review on parce que le details.

As parce que le media support, fenêtres 10 gets native faire un don for MKV et High Efficiency vidéo Coding (HEVC). Marqué still over there is no Blu-Ray rejouer support. Cependant, the doesn’t median you oui to habitent without Blu-Ray movies v Windows 10. There are plenty de free Blu-Ray player à la Windows 10. This article introduces expert & complimentary Blu-Ray Player for Windows 10 et a detailed guide to help amie watch, open, play Blu-Ray in home windows 10 easily.

Noter: The tons thing tu need is to importer a Blu-ray conduire or Blu-ray détective player. There room plenty de them available, and they’ll occupational with thé Windows pcs without any kind of problem. Note that thé DVD conduire cannot play Blu-ray discs.

Method 1: usage VLC Media joueur to jouer Blu-ray Discs in home windows 10 gratuitement

VLC is a free et open la source cross-platform multimedia player et framework that plays many multimedia files as well ont DVDs, sonner CDs, VCDs, et autre protocoles aux streaming. Et by adding AACS and BD+ DRM libraries et keys, VLC can play most de Blu-Ray movies. Below is a complete guide on how à enable VLC to phat Blu-Ray in home windows 10.

Method 2: Use expert Blu rayonner Player for Windows 10 to phat Blu Ray conditions météorologiques Windows 10

Étape 1: complimentary download UFUSoft Blu rayonner Player pour Windows 10. Install and launch it.

Étape 2: ajouter Blu-Ray movies to Blu rayon Player parce que le Windows 10

The windows 10 Blu Ray player supports loading vidéo from Blu-Ray disc, Blu-Ray folder jaune IFO file. Click “Open Disc” or “Open File” button to load her Blu-Ray movies.

Étape 3: play Blu-Ray movies conditions météorologiques Windows 10

When movie is loaded, amie can phat Blu-Ray movies v outstanding et perfect cassettes vidéo quality.

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Fenêtres 10 is an entirely new dépense of the veteran home windows operating system par Microsoft. Thé latest windows 10 système, is no plus long just année operating system à la 32-bit et 64-bit PCs, cible also run conditions météorologiques the eight platform for smaller tablets et smartphones.

VLC is a free et open source cross-platform multimedia player et framework that plays many multimedia files as well as DVDs, sonner CDs, VCDs, et divers protocoles de streaming. La 2.0 et later version of VLC Media Player soutien Blu-ray media la reproduction with part extra operations. You can download the latest dépense from VLC main website.

Cependant, convectif des causer juridiques, AACS und BD DRM une bibliothèque et les bouton ne sont toujours pas livré. That means only Blu-ray épais with AACS libraries exposed room supported. Below je will introduce the manuel referred native VLC’s forum.

How to jouer Blu-ray v VLC Media Player pour Free conditions météorologiques Windows 10?

Étape 1: aller à, download, install et run auto latest déditions of VLC for your system.

Étape 2: aille à: venir download thé KEYS DATABASE(KEYDB.cfg) et AACS DYNAMIC LIBRARY(libaacs.dll pour Windows or libaacs.dylib parce que le Mac).

For windows 10 Utilisateurs


* Ouvrez ton zone lutilisateur (“C:Usersyour usernameAppData”)


* Activer dénoter les fichiers et dossier cachés (Under Folder option – check out tab then select “show covert files…”->sélectionner ok)


* ouvert “AppData” directory jaune create a folder and name cette aacs

* place the downloaded KEYDB.cfg ligne in this folder directly.

Télécharger installer AACS une bibliothèque dynamique pour VLC jusquà utiliser:


* aller à “c:Program Files”

* Navigate à “VLC” directory, and move auto libaacs.dll la gestion into it.

Maintenant, tu can easily play Blu-Ray détective with VLC on Windows for free. Noter: auto latest VLC calmer doesn’t oui menu soutien yet.

Pointe: VLC does not yet soutien Blu-ray menus so elle must manually choose title venir play. Not all Blu-ray movies are supported. VLC can seul deal v discs i beg your pardon its library has auto corresponding AACS keys. Cependant, convecteur des causer juridiques, AACS rang BD DRM une bibliothèque et les nouer ne sont toujours démarche livré. In boîte there space a parcelle of unsolved difficulties that you are enduring every now and again when ce comes à playing Blu-ray with VLC, over there are meilleur options that elle can adopt haricot de soja that elle can continue to gain your Blu-ray videos. One of these alternative methods is that elle can comprendre a Lecteur Blu-ray convoque Windows 10(Seulement $45 for Lifetime) to jouer Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray dossier, Blu-ray ISO nous Windows 10 directement avec les Blu-ray effet. Hay vous pouvez louer une Blu-ray Ripper convecteur Windows 10(Seulement $59 à la Lifetime) à déchirer et transcoder disques. Blu-ray jusqu’à WMV/AVI/MPG/MPEG/MOV/MKV/MP4 etc pour la lecture dessus Windows 10 esquive joueurs PC foins multimédia.

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The high definition optical rusé format war in between Blu-ray Disc et the HD DVD format, Blu-ray got an overwhelming victory. Since then, Blu-ray rusé took off and became thé most popular. Également, tu can enjoy thé Blu-ray ISO lignes on home windows 10. Cependant, ne sont pas matter Blu-ray disc or Blu-ray ISO file, cette is protected de region codes et digital rights la gestion (DRM), so you need to volonté a home windows 10 Blu-ray joueur with Blu-ray license. Here nous recommend the le meilleur Blu-ray joueur software parce que le Windows 10 operating equipment – la fenêtre 10 leader Blu-ray – released de UFUSoft.

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UFUSoft home window 10 leader Blu-ray, just ont its name implies, is may be to phat Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray ISO file, jaune BDMV folder nous Winodws 10 operating système successfully, ne sont pas matter through BD+, jaune AACS. à part from Blu-ray media format, it can also play MXF, XAVC, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc, dessus Windows 10 platform. Soutien High resolution up venir 1080p et DTS audio system guarantees amazing audiovisual enjoyment through high quality.

How to play Blu-ray ISO photo files on Windows 10 with Blu-ray Player for Windows 10?

Conseils: venir enjoy thé Blu-ray ISO images on windows 10, amie need to install a virtue Blu-ray drive on your home windows 10 computer system first.

Étape 1: Install thé Lecteur Blu-ray pour Windows 10

Any customers can conveniently download thé Windows 10 Blu-ray Player on official website for free. Climate users can install the app on your computer.

Étape 2: Chargez l"image Blu-ray ISO

Lancez ns lecteur Blu-ray vertu de frais le fichier image ISO Blu-ray.

Puis cliquez sur le “Ouvert Disc” bouton pour ouvrir une fenêtre ns navigation où vous besoin de trouver les lecteur ns vertu d’environ votre PC.


Étape 3: début à play Blu-ray ISO nous Windows 10

Une fois le processus aux chargement ISO Blu-ray est terminée, tu verrez un menus déroulant contenant Play Movie, Chapitre, Acoustique, Sous-titres und d"autres titres. Sélectionner “Visionner Film” du jouer direct le film principal.


Étape 4: Control auto Windows 10 Blu-ray ISO play

Besides de enjoying auto Blu-ray ISO from auto beginning, les utilisateurs peuvent aussi choisir ns jouer le titre Blu-ray hay d"un page spécifique par un clic aboutissant sur l"écran aux lecture. Aussi cette lecteur Blu-ray permet de utilisateurs ns définir les piste audio / vidéo, canaliser audio, en jouant taille aux l"écran, et donc de suite.


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If you’re intend to backing up Blu-ray ISO courant to surface 3 dessus Windows 10 parce que le playback, the manuel below will certainly give tu some hints on this process.

Microsoft cases its Surface le3 will be obtainable in 26 markets passant par May 7th. Ce has come at a perfect juncture in light du Microsoft’s current Windows 10 debut, which has actually seen the société take the life major action toward merging the OS across toutes les personnes devices. Through a larger and satisfying an interpretation screen, Microsoft Surface le3 is additionally a perfect main video player for you à enjoy Blu-ray ISO movies.

If tu also ont collected lots of Blu-ray ISO d’image files et want to phat them région 3 pour Windows 10. Non worry, the following paragraphs will certainly explain comment you can get all Blu-ray ISO media lignes to play conditions météorologiques the Microsoft région 3, there is no having to try different vidéos players or settings.

Hot Search: iTunes to surface 3, DVD to région 3, Blu-ray to surface 3, Amazon vidéos to surface 3, H.265 à Windows 10…

For gaining Blu ray ISO movies onto Surface le 3 via home windows 10, a Blu-ray encoding software application is necessary. I’ve tried at the very least there applications but thé picture quality was no very good at all, cette would pixelate in high motion scenes that is seulement very annoying venir me. Ns tried auto built in profile and even developed a paire from scratch et they toutes les personnes came out the same. Quel bien, when ns tired UFUSoft fenêtres 10 Blu-ray Ripper (Read Review), ce works perfectly v the frais picture/image quality.

The program can be used oui a an excellent Windows 10 Blu-ray, DVD Converter à la Microsoft surface 3, In fact, it’s a yet expert Blu-ray venir Android/Windows/iOS take it tool; in divers word, ce enables elle to phat Blu-ray on tous Android, home windows or ios based tablets jaune phones on Windows 10. Thé output high quality is excellent and the encoding vitesse, vitesse is very fast.

If elle are a Mac user, please volonté the Blu-ray Ripper convecteur Mac parce que le ripping Blu-ray, Blu-ray ISO, DVDs, DVD ISO à Surface le3 on Mac OS X(Mavericks and Yosemite included). Now download and follow thé below step-by-step guide à la you.

Étape 1. Beginning the fenêtres 10 Blu-ray ISO venir Surface le3 Convertisseur, and then load your Blu-ray ISO movies venir this program. BD, DVD, DVD ISO/IFO are all fully supported.


Étape 2. Currently select the output format à la playback nous Surface 3. Elle can importer optimized videos pour Surface tablet under “Vidéo HD > HD H.264 video (*.mp4)”. The output videos could fit on Surface le 3 perfectly.


Pointe: si you like, vous pouvez cliquer pour “Settings” to échanger the cassettes vidéo encoder, résolution, structure rate, etc. Oui you wish. Parce que le watching videos conditions météorologiques the Surface 3 tablets, 720p with 1500~2500kbps is just tous right. I found the file size et video top quality is based more nous bitrate than resolution which method bitrate higher results in super file size, and lower visible quality loss, et vice versa.

Étape 3. Finalement, click “Convert” button to start ripping Blu-ray contour to .mp4, auto Windows Surface le3 tablet meilleur video format on windows 10. Oz the conversion completes, elle can transfer thé result videos venir your surface Tablet.

In this way, amie can play Blu-ray (ISO) movies nous Microsoft Surface le 3 tablet dessus Windows 10 and enjoy them nous the go.

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Summary: si you are trying find a great blu-ray player à la Windows 10 on PC and want to play blu-ray iso movie courant on home windows 10, here is année introduction to you.

Perhaps you are bothered through that there’s non software to jouer your Blu-ray détective or Blu-ray ISO files on windows 10. Cependant, amie can importer rid de this trouble par using UFUSoft fenêtres 10 leader Blu-ray.

Blu-ray player on Windows 10 is an easy-to–use vidéo software program, which gives you a unicité experience through its high cassettes vidéo broadcast quality et customer-oriented design.


1) A windows 10 ordinateur

2) Un leader Blu-ray (USB have to be over 2.0)

3) UFUSoft du Windows 10 Logiciel du lecteur Blu-ray

4) A Blu-ray Disc

5) Network connection

How to play Blu-ray épais on windows 10

Étape 1: attach your computer system with an external Blu-ray conduire via USB interface if it doesn’t ont one.

Étape 2: Download UFUSoft Blu-ray Player pour Windows 10 and install this windows 10 Blu-ray player on your computer.

Étape 3: comprendre Windows 10 phat Blu-ray.

1) operation UFUSoft windows 10 leader Blu-ray;

2) Insert her Blu-ray épais into the Blu-ray drive;

3) UFUSoft ns Windows 10 Blu-ray player can automatically phat the Blu-ray movie nous Windows 10 once the épais is inserted. You can additionally click the right bottom icon et select Open rusé to open up the disc manually. Elle can also choose Open ligne to play Blu-ray folders jaune ISO files.

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Just in thé above steps, vous pouvez get your home windows 10 play Blu-ray successfully. Free download one et have a try.

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Logiciel leader Blu-ray(également connu sous le nom Blu-ray media player), orient une application Blu-ray médiathèque utilisé convoque la lecture du Blu-ray, dossiers BDMV und Blu-ray fichiers ISO d’environ les ordinateur exécutant Microsoft home windows et esquive systèmes d"exploitation Mac.Logiciel leader Blu-ray est plus progressive que les lecteurs multimédias communs, tels que VLC media player, MPlayer und Windows Media Player, etc. Il comprendre un énormément nombre de décodage und d"encodage des bibliothèques ns lire Blu-ray informations, éliminer Blu-ray protection et de les soutiens lecture Blu-ray. Logiciel leader Blu-ray peut lire esquive informations du disque Blu-ray tout de suite à partir du disque source, puis en train de lire le film blu-ray. Ns plupart des logiciels du lecture Blu-ray peut également lire des disque Blu-ray fichiers ISO.Logiciel aux lecture Blu-ray se faire divisent en deux catégories générales: UFUSoft Mac lecteur Blu-ray und UFUSoft lecteur Windows Blu-ray, bruyant le système d"exploitation d"ordinateur est exécuté sur