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Admission & Ticketing

Are reservations required to visit auto Zoo?

Advance digital tickets room no longer necessary when visiting the Zoo. Attendance in Zoo structures will it is in monitored and limited; to adhere to safety et physical distancing guidelines.

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Please note: part 2021 events peut faire require development reservations.

What room the daily hours the Zoo is open?

Beginning Sept. 7, with Oct. 31, the Zoo is open up 9:30 a.m. To 4:30 p.m., with entrée gates closeup of the door at 3:45 p.m.

What entrance faire I venir at as soon as visiting?

Only thé Zoo’s main entrance will be open, along with thé walk-in entrance. Auto West Entrance pouvez be open nous a limite basis.

What do I need à bring with me for my visit?

Masks room not forced outside at thé Zoo. Masking and physical distancing will continue to be compelled inside toutes les personnes Zoo buildings.

A limited quantity of masks is available à la purchase at the grivois Shop. Masks can also be purchased antérieur à your visit at our online store.

Zoo passage holders will need a image I.D. And membership card parce que le admittance.

What si I’m emotion ill avant visiting?

We ask that you à faire not visit thé Zoo si you’re emotion ill.

your Zoo Visit

In general, quel will it is in open?

The outdoor pet habitats toutes les personnes public pathways to auto outdoor animal habitats thé Flamingo Café et The Coffee Shop pitié Shop, with limited capacity A limité number de restrooms animal buildings open up at 100% capacity: Apes of africa Aquatic & Reptile centre Giraffe structure Family Farm journal intime Complex Elephant Care centre / préservation Outpost animal buildings open up at a limited capacity: Aviary – 75% gros Cat nation – 75% small Mammals – 50% family members Farm: Playground

Staff, volunteers, and/or especially designed electronic counting gadgets monitor the alors of visitors in thé buildings with limité capacities. Facial masks room required à la visitors, staff et contractors. Buildings are equipped with hand sanitizer stations, et markers and signage are prominently shown throughout thé Zoo grounds.

What outdoor pets can ns see?

The animals on exhibit may échanger from day venir day, based nous weather conditions et necessary veterinarian procedures. In general, a variety de animals will certainly be in their outdoor habitats consisting of elephants, giraffes, tigers, flamingos, caribou, grizzly bears, harbor seals and alpaca, among others.

Will any de the pet buildings it is in open?

Yes: Apes of Africa, Aquatic & Reptile Center, Florence Mila Borchert gros Cat Country, Giraffe Building, Aviary, family Farm dairy Complex, Elephant Care centre / conserver Outpost, small Mammals Building.

What should i bring through me?

It’s a great idea to have comfortable wade shoes, sunscreen and water.

Can i purchase food?

Yes, thé Flamingo Café et Coffee Shop are open up regularly nous weekdays et on weekends.

Various snack stands et cafés are open throughout the week, weather permitting.

Can i still bring in ma own food?

Yes, amie can lug in food et non-alcoholic beverages. Ne sont pas glass bottles are allowed.

Will auto water fountains et water party refill gare be open?

Limited water fountains will be open. The water party refill gare in thé Gathering carré will be open. Bottled water will certainly be available à la purchase.

Will thé rides or attractions be open?

For the fall season, examine the destinées Your Visit section du our website for details on what attractions are open.

Will the playground/play structures be open?

The playground in auto Family Farm will be open.

Will the grivois Shop it is in open?

The grivois Shop, with limité capacity, will certainly be open. Top-selling merchandise is likewise available pour online purchases through thé Zoo’s website.

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Can i bring in ma own stroller/wheelchair?

Yes. Strollers, wheelchairs et mobility scooter are likewise available venir rent. Units space sanitized before rental et cleaned et sanitized dessus return.

Will thé restrooms it is in open?

A limited number du restrooms throughout the public pathways will be open:

auto U.S. Banque Gathering carré Flamingo café Behind the Zoo administration Office west Entrance; including family members Restroom Aquatic & Reptile center Wild burger Nourish 414 apaiser Elephant Care center Giraffes family members Farm enntrance gate Dairy boutique Maple Cove Picnic Area

Open restrooms are subject à change.

How longue can ns stay?

The Zoo close the door at 5 p.m.

security Measures

Do I have to stay a mask?

Yes, visitors room required venir wear masks (age 3+), inside all Zoo buildings, providing additional safety à la themselves, différent visitors, employees and Zoo animals. Masks room no longer required outside at thé Zoo. Masking et physical distancing will continuez to be forced inside all Zoo buildings.

The types of approved affronter masks include: Cloth affronter masks through two or more layers du breathable, washable fabric; jaune disposable affronter masks, such ont non-medical grade paper or procedure masks. FDA-approved face à face masks parce que le sign language (ASL or LEP) interpreters.

Face masks that room not allowed: Neck scarves jaune bandanas, neck gaiters jaune buffs, winter scarves, affronter shields, masks through exhalation valves jaune vents, masks with inappropriate images or writing.

Face shields are not considered a replacement à la masks.

Will Zoo employee be attract masks?

Zoo staff space not required venir wear affronter masks outside at thé Zoo. Physics distancing is very recommended whenever possible.

Zoo staff that are completely vaccinated space not required venir wear masks when not interacting with thé public.

Zoo staff who are not completely vaccinated must wear affronter masks at toutes les personnes times when inside Zoo buildings. Fully vaccinated and unvaccinated staff should wear face à face masks at tous times when interacting with members ns the public. Masks are also required once staff conference in a common room such oui a rencontrer room v members de the public, regardless du the vaccination status de any individual or physical distances in between individuals.

Fully vaccinated Zoo staff are not required à wear a face mask when in a vehicle with divers fully vaccinated people. Unvaccinated individuals in the vehicle must wear masks.

What if je forgot venir bring a mask?

If you would like à purchase a mask, a limited number of masks will certainly be available for purchase at the giv Shop, located seul past the U.S. Banque Gathering Place.

Is hand-sanitizer available for visitors?

Hand-sanitizer gare will be situated throughout the park, consisting of entry and exit areas, in pet buildings, restrooms and concessions. Sanitizers save at least 60% alcohol.

How will certainly high-touch locations be cleaned?

We space reducing the risk pour exposure passant par enhancing our already-stringent clean protocols et frequently sanitizing high-touch surfaces including ride seats et armrests, tables, chairs, railings et more.

What si visitors are not following the appropriate physical distancing guidelines?

Staff will certainly be recall visitors venir follow a 6-foot physical distancing while inside buildings.

We you re welcome ask the visitors respect the physics distancing ligne directrice inside Zoo buildings.

What if i need medical type during ma visit?

If elle feel ill once you room at auto Zoo, aller to the life Aid gare near thé Zoo guider Office or appel 414.771.3040 à la assistance. You and your party peut être be asked to move to a unique area within the Zoo à la further assessment.

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her visit médias the Milwaukee county Zoo – its animals, distinct exhibits, et conservation programs, ont well oui its respected place in thé community. Thé Zoo continu to serve as a recadrer asset and resource for all who visit.