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Minh Tu Nguyen (aka Stella Nguyen), who is the official representative of Vietnam for Miss Supranational 2018, is all set lớn rock the stage of the international pageant to lớn be held in Poland next month. Minh Tu, a famous Vietnamese model, is 26 years of age & stands tall at 178 cm.

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Born in 1991, this long-legged brunette started her career in the world of modelling in the year 2011, và two years later competed in Supermodel Vietnam 2013 competition earning the silver prize in the contest which was won by Tran Ng?c Lan Khue (who went on to be crowned Miss World Vietnam 2015).

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While continuing her journey in the world of fashion and modelling, she entered Asia's Next Top mã sản phẩm 2017 (Season 5). Pitched against stunning models from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & Taiwan, she managed to lớn secure the second spot in the event finale tied with Shikin Gomez of Malaysia. Asia’s Next Top mã sản phẩm 2017 winner was Maureen Wroblewitz of the Philippines. After her performance in Asia’s Next Top model 2017, she became a mentor for the Face Vietnam 2017 & also Asia's Next Top model 2018 (Season 6).


Now slated to lớn represent Vietnam in Miss Supranational 2018, she is undergoing rigorous fitness sessions besides working on her looks và presentation priorto departing for Poland later this month. Ever since her appointment as Miss Supranational Vietnam 2018, she has been receiving positive đánh giá and comments not only from Vietnamese audience but also from theinternational audience for whom she is a familiar face from Asia’s Next vị trí cao nhất Model.

Well, no doubt, with her looks, height, personality, & strong modelling & catwalk experience, she is definitely one of the strong contenders for the title of Miss Supranational 2018, và will definitely be part of bestbocadoctor.com’s đứng top favourites to lớn win the crown this year. Where bởi you see her getting placed at the finale of Miss Supranational 2018?