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Jaijin (재진) is a South-Korean singer and thành viên of the boy group Sechs Kies under YG Entertainment. He debuted as a solo artist in 2001 with the album “S.Wing”.

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Jaijin Fandom Name – Jaijin tín đồ Colour – 

Stage Name: JaijinBirth Name: Lee Jae Jin (이재진)Birthday: July 13, 1979Zodiac Sign: CancerChinese Zodiac Sign: SheepHeight: 175 centimet (5’9″)Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)Blood Type: OYouTube: 재주필름

Jaijin Facts:– He was born in Busan, South Korea.– His younger sister is Swi.T thành viên Eunjoo.– His positions in Sechs Kies are Main Dancer and Sub-Rapper.– He is childhood friends with Jaeduck.– He is in the Sechs Kies sub-unit Black Kies.– Jaijin and Jaeduck were members of a dance crew called ‘’Quicksilver’’ in their hometown of Busan, & had submitted an audition tape lớn Daesung Entertainment. (They were both admitted.)– He is brother-in-law to lớn YG (Yang HyunSuk).– In 2008, he entered the military, but he was suffering from depression & he almost committed suicide.– After his military service he studied in Japan.– His hobby is collecting different stuff.– He hates noisy places.– His favourite foods are Korean food và pizza.– He likes painting.– His painting pseudonym is 한조 (Hanzo).– In 2011, Jaijin drew illustrations for the members of BIGBANG for their “Special Edition” album.– He has participated in many exhibitions, most well known ones being 상상연대 2 (Imagination Alliance 2)상상연대 3 (Imagination Alliance 3).– His favourite colours are blue and yellow.– Jaejin changed his name legally to Jaijin to avoid confusion with Ft. Island‘s Lee Jaejin.– His favourite film is Romeo and Juliet.– He appeared on the Netflix show “YG Future Strategy Office”. Jaejin’s Ideal Type: A cute girl, girl’s with a boyish look.

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How much bởi vì you lượt thích Jaijin?
I love him, he"s my ultimate bias I lượt thích him, he"s okay I think he"s overrated