Full Profile Of Korean Actress Yoo Sun: Husband, Wedding

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Get lớn Know Criminal Minds’ Actress Yoo Sun

The American TV show Criminal Minds is such a huge success that Korea made a drama based on it. Overall, the plot is similar, it is about a group of profilers who are working for the government in order to lớn fight crime by catching criminals. The original series was aired in 2005 and is still airing till this day. Currently, the American TV show Criminal Minds is on its 14th season.

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However, the Korean version of Criminal Minds does not follow the original length. The drama concluded in just đôi mươi episodes, with each episode lasting for one hour. The casts members of this drama are: Lee Joon-gi as Klặng Hyun-joon (the character who was portrayed by Derek Morgan), Moon Chae-won as Ha Sun-woo (the character portrayed by Emily Prentiss), Son Hyun-joo as Kang Ki-hyung (the character portrayed by Aaron Hotchner), Yoo Sun as Nana Hwang (the character portrayed by Penelope Garcia), Lee Sun-bin as Yoo Min-young (the character portrayed by Jennifer Jareau), & Go Yoon as Lee Han (the character portrayed by Spencer Reid).

Both in the original series, & the Korean drama, one crucial role that pillared the team is Penelope Garcia’s character, or in the Korean version Namãng cầu Hwang played by Yoo Sun. Even though Namãng cầu Hwang doesn’t often visit the crime scene, she uses her skills lớn help those in the field. With her computer skills, she can locate any place or any person the other team members need khổng lồ find. Therefore, without Nana Hwang, the team will have trouble pinpointing the criminal.

Many have sầu been impressed by the character Namãng cầu Hwang in the Korean version of Criminal Minds, & people have realized that the intriguing character of Namãng cầu Hwang is brought khổng lồ life by Yoo Sun’s flawless acting skills. Therefore, many have sầu been curious about Yoo Sun.

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Here is some information regarding Yoo Sun.

Yoo Sun’s Wedding, Husband, & Child


There is just something very thắm thiết about Yoo Sun and her husb&. It was a public secret that she had been dating her husbvà, who is older than her by 3 years, for 10 years. They finally tied the knot on May 4th, 2011. Yoo Sun và her husband, whose name is Cha Hyo-ju, met in 1998 but started dating in 2001. Cha Hyo-ju is not a celebrity lượt thích Yoo Sun, he is only an ordinary businessman, but that did not hinder them from realizing their love for each other.

It was clear that Yoo Sun and Cha Hyo-ju both enjoyed the preparations for the wedding & the wedding ceremony itself. During the preparations for the wedding, the wedding organizer of I Wedding, who was in charge of their sacred union ceremony said: “Her fellow stars & members of a compassion b& made up a number of 15 people, và the photo lớn shoot was lively và enjoyable. Yoo Sun & her husb& both have sầu outstanding appearances so there was no need for anything else special. They were skilled in their poses and were able lớn create various concepts, unlike other couples.” However, the wedding itself was actually held in such a humble manner, the couple only invited cthua thảm family members và friends.

Moreover, the couple’s happiness did not end with their holy union. On January 29th, năm trước, they announced the exciting news about their very first baby girl, who was born in Seoul.

Yoo Sun’s Drama and Movie List


Drama List

1999Hometown of Legends “Sang-sa-yo”
2001MBC Best Theater “An Incomplete Love”
2002A Great Hope
2002SunshineDirector Choi Joon-hee
2002The Great AmbitionDan Ja-yeon
2003South of the SunLee Min-joo
2004Into the StormYu Jin-kyeong
2004Little WomenMi Deuk
2005Sweet SpyPark Eun-joo
2006Common SingleHan Young-eun
2008TerroirAhn Ji-seon
2009My Too Perfect SonsKyên ổn Bok-shil
2012Take Care Of Us, CaptainChoi Ji-won
2012Horse DoctorJang In-joo
2013Drama Festival – Surviving in AfricaKang Min-joo
2015Life Tracker Lee Jae GooSong Yeon-hee
2015Sweet, Savage FamilyLee Do-gyung
2016Our Gab SoonShin Jae-soon
2017Criminal MindsNana Hwang
2018Clean With Passion For NowSecretary Gwon

Movie List

2000White LoverHa Yan
2003The UninvitedHee Eun
2005The WigJi Hyeon
2007Blaông xã HouseYe Hwa
2010MossLee Yeong-ji
2011GloveNa Joo-won
2011Romantic HeavenYeom Kyeong-ja
2012Neverending StoryDong Joo’s sister-in-law
2012Don’t Cry, MommyYoo Rim
2015The Chosen: Forbidden CaveKim Geum Joo
2016Never Said GoodbyeSoo Jung
2017The PreparationMoon Kyung
2018The DiscloserCatherine
2018The CulpritDa Yeon
2018Young ClientsJi Sook
2019Ghost Move